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Dave is the VP of Engineering for OpenSCG and the BigSQL projects. He has over 20 years experience leading large scale technology and data analytics projects. Previously he was CTO for cloud Master Data Management provider MDX, Alliance Global Services and Fusion Technologies.


Scott Mead


Scott Mead is a Sr. Architect and founding member at the Open Source Consulting Group (OpenSCG). Scott has 12 years of experience with the PostgreSQL database engine including, migrations to / from commercial and open-source RDBMS, application development, large-scale (500+ node) database administration as well as code contributions to the PostgreSQL core engine.


Jan Wieck

OpenSCG Inc.

Jan Wieck is a former member of the PostgreSQL core team.

He designed and implemented Slony, overhauled the query rewrite rule system, wrote the procedural languages PL/pgSQL and PL/Tcl, added foreign keys, bgwriter, the statistics collector, the TOAST system and other features.


Denis Lussier


Chief Architect and Founder of OpenSCG, has more than 25 years of experience providing innovative solutions through his expert knowledge of both business and technology. Denis has spent his career building technical solutions that span many industries including telecom, finance and manufacturing. He is also a pioneer in offshore development, establishing low-cost development centers in India as early as 1999.

Among his significant previous positions, Denis was the Founder and CTO of EnterpriseDB, a software company that added Oracle compatibility to PostgreSQL. Prior to EnterpriseDB, he was CEO and Founder of Fusion Technologies, a successful technology services business with over 200 employees.

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Join the OpenSCG team for a hands on look on how to migrate an application from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

50 min
PGConf US 2017