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Debra Cerda

Command Prompt, Inc.

Debra recently joined Command Prompt Inc., as Director of Business Development.

Previously Debra worked for 2ndQuadrant, Inc. as the U.S. Practice Manager ensure the success of professional services client engagements through standardization of company processes and 2ndQuadrant's continuous touch services. Prior to that, Debra was Director of Sales and Business Development for Blue Treble Solutions, supporting clients service and project needs for data architecture, management, and optimization. Debra has a Bachelor of Science in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology. She has 18 years of experience in data acquisition, analysis, and management as well as project management and RDBMS development in both private and government sectors in the water industry. Debra is an open source and PostgreSQL advocate, having volunteered at PGOpen as well as PGConfUS. She is organizer of the Austin PostgreSQL Users Group, PGDay Austin, and PGConfUS, and was recently elected to the Board of the U.S. PostgreSQL Association.


Jim Nasby


Jim Nasby discovered a passion for data and databases early in life, and was working as a database consultant before high school. Since then he has worked with everything from Foxpro to Oracle. For the past 15 years he has specialized in PostgreSQL and is an active member of it's development community. He specializes in tackling complex data challenges where data quality is critical.

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Data rescue is an opportunity for programmers, scientists, archivists, activists, and volunteers of all kinds to identify, back-up, and help preserve publicly accessible federal data resources in the public interest, in the event they are removed from public view and use.

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PGConf US 2017