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Robert Haas

VP, Chief Architect, Database Server at EnterpriseDB

Robert has been involved in the PostgreSQL project since 2008, first as a patch reviewer and committer and a later as a major developer. Prior to that, he was a PostgreSQL application developer for nearly ten years. Features he has worked on include parallelism (9.4-9.6), the replacement of System V shared memory with anonymous shared memory (for 9.3), read and write scalability improvements (for 9.2), index-only scans (with Heikki Linnakangas and Ibrar Ahmed, for 9.2), unlogged tables (for 9.1), and left join removal (for 9.0). He works at EnterpriseDB as Chief Database Architect for the Database Server.

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PostgreSQL 9.6 features a basic implementation of parallel query, but there's much more to be done. In this talk, I'll discuss new features and capabilities proposed for v10, such as dynamic shared memory allocation, Gather Merge, Parallel Index Scan, Parallel Bitmap Heap Scan, Parallel Hash Join, Parallel Append, and Partition-wise Join. I'll also offer a preview of further work that may be undertaken for v11 or future versions, and discuss the implications for reporting queries with an emphasis on the TPC-H queries.

2017 March 30 14:00
50 min
Liberty I
PGConf US 2017