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Joshua D. Drake

Command Prompt, Inc.

Joshua D. Drake is a PostgreSQL Consultant and has been consulting on PostgreSQL since Postgres95. He is the founder and lead consultant of Command Prompt, Inc., the oldest of the Postgres companies. Throughout his PostgreSQL career he has performed a variety of functions within the community including releasing an O'Reilly book on PostgreSQL, being part of the sysadmins and advocacy teams. Further he ran a biannual conference series dedicated to PostgreSQL between the years of 2007 - 2011. He is a former Director for SPI (the non-profit for Lastly he is also a Founder of United States PostgreSQL.

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This half day training is fresh from being sold out at Fully updated with a comprehensive look at Point in Time Recovery and ZFS snapshots we will focus purely on the backup and restore of your data with PostgreSQL. In this training you will learn the nuances of PostgreSQL's built in backup and restore capabilities as well as external abilities brought about by technologies such as snapshots and pgBackrest. There will be instruction on pg_dump/all and restore including a full understanding of the different backup/restore formats, when to use them and how to reduce potential production issues running long backups. Lastly, the students will be shown how to use basebackups, PITR as well as filesystem snapshots and other well known utilities to properly manage the Elephant's data.

30 min
PGConf US 2016