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Stella Nisenbaum (

Data Services Manager at Yello

Stella current works as a Data Services Manager. Her primary responsibilities center around setting direction for and implementing a reporting solution for internal and external use. Prior to this, Stella has worked within several Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence teams.

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When it comes to data, SQL is a vast and powerful language. That being said, it is difficult to know and properly utilize all of its functionality, especially considering that each RDBMS has its own dialect and feature set. In this talk, we will review the advanced SQL functionality available for you within PostgreSQL, enabling you to become the SQL guru of your team. We will explore examples and use cases for Common Table Expressions(including recursive queries), Correlated and Uncorrelated Subqueries, Analytical Window Functions(ie: Percentile, Running Aggregates, Rank), Lateral, and other less commonly known, but incredibly useful, features supported by PostgreSQL. This talk will provide you with the tools you need to write (or rewrite) performant, readable, and efficient queries, solve complex analytical questions, and make large data sets and complex data/analysis requests more manageable.

2017 March 30 10:00
50 min
Liberty II
PGConf US 2017